About Me

It’s time for my first ever blog post, and I suppose an introduction is in order.  I’m a 33-year-old Canadian man with a wife, two dogs, a newly acquired obsession with homebrewing, and a taste for fermented and/or distilled beverages.  I’ll be trying to focus on writing about my experiences with regard to the latter two, with the occasional foray into the world of alcohol-free beverages (I do love my coffee, after all).

A few rules I live by:

  • A martini requires good gin, plenty of vermouth, and at least three olives.
  • The phrase “single malt” is one of the most sacred terms in the English language (and “Johnnie Walker” is like fingernails on a chalkboard).
  • Always choose vintage port over tawny or LBV.
  • If a beer isn’t drinkable at cellar temperature, it isn’t drinkable period.
  • Yes, that ounce of Louis XIII cognac really is worth what the restaurant is charging for it.

A real post, with an actual topic, will follow soon.