Warming Up: Day 4

Tonight’s warmer-upper is a little unconventional.  This drink is one of many born from  a constant urge to get experimental in the kitchen.  The flavours are very strong and up-front, the slightly bitter coffee mixing with sweet amaretto and a hint of chocolate, and the finish is quite long and pleasant.

The Caferetto


This recipe is based designed for a single-cup moka pot.  If you’re using a larger pot, just multiply all of the ingredients by the number of cups your pot brews.  Never brew less than the pot’s capacity; they are designed to work with a specific volume.

Put 1 tsp of cocoa powder in the base of the pot and fill to just below the valve with cold water.

Fill the coffee basket with extra-finely ground coffee*.  Do not pack the grounds down.

Screw the top of the pot on tightly and pour in 1.5 oz of amaretto.

Heat the pot over medium heat until the top is around halfway full of brewed coffee.  Removing it at this point will keep it at a good temperature without boiling.  Let the pot fill, then pour your coffee into a heated cappuccino cup.


* I use a medium roast for this as the brewing method can extract a lot of bitterness.  Using a dark roast such as espresso (like I would normally do with a moka pot if I were making a cappucino or latte) will result in a very overpowering bitter coffee flavour since there is no milk added to tone it down.  If you don’t like strong coffee, it may be even better to use a light roast instead.  I haven’t tried this as I love it the way it comes out as-is.


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